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The equine industry is one unto itself, and as an owner, Judith Mattern Hearn understands "the horse business" as both an attorney and an individual involved in the institution and its traditions.

The Law Office of Judith Mattern Hearn represents clients in all equine transactional and litigation matters, both locally and nationally. We provide consultation and services to owners, trainers, farms, investors, veterinarians and a myriad of others involved in the industry. Listed on this page are only the most common issues that we deal in - please contact us to determine whether we can assist you with your own specific situation and needs.

We understand that reputation and relationships are key factors in the equine arena, thus the Law Office of Judith Mattern Hearn encourages settling matters without court intervention, whether through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, in order to preserve relationships among the equine community, as well as client funds. Litigation is sometimes necessary, however, and Judith will represent you in the courtroom with the same integrity and spirit that she exhibits in the Arena.

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